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Who is Required to Disclose

Duke individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria are required to complete and submit a COI* disclosure form:

  • have Faculty or Special PI* Status;
  • are a Postdoctoral Associate/Scholar;
  • are listed as Key or Investigator in SPS* on an active award; or
  • are an Exempt employee who has received salary support from a government source or from a sponsored research project (i.e., WBS Elements 20x, 30x, 31x, 32x, 33x, 34x, 35x, 3x3).

Duke employees who meet one of the above criteria are required to fill the COI* Disclosure Form at least annually. Throughout the year if any previously disclosed relationships change or new ones arise, Duke employees are expected to update the form accordingly. New employees will be contacted throughout the year and asked to initiate their forms prior to the annual submission.

The 2014 - 15 COI* Disclosure Form is now available online. The due date for the initial disclosure submission is April 16, 2015. If you came to Duke after April 16, 2015, you will have a different deadline. Your disclosure form must be updated online within 30 days of you discovering or acquiring (e.g. through purchase, marriage, or inheritance) a new reportable financial interest or other item required by the form.

Each submitted form is reviewed and, when necessary, forwarded to the relevant COI* Committee: Campus or School of Medicine.


Individuals under the purview of the Campus COI* Committee are Duke faculty and employees with a primary appointment in one of the following:

  • Arts and Sciences and Trinity College,
  • The Fuqua School of Business,
  • Divinity School,
  • School of Law,
  • Nicholas School of the Environment
  • Sanford School of Public Policy, or
  • Pratt School of Engineering.

By special arrangement, Campus individuals with a COI* who conduct or participate substantially in research with a School of Medicine IRB* protocol will be reviewed by the School of Medicine COI* Committee.

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