Subcontracts - Award Process

Subrecipient Timeline

Roles and Responsibilities

What the Grant Manager Needs to do During Award Setup

  • Confirm that a WBSE has been created for each subrecipient
  • Request IRB/IACUC approvals from the sub
  • Inform ORS of the need for any special terms & conditions/requirements¬† that may deviate from the flow-down terms of prime (i.e. invoice requirements)

What Duke Needs from the Sub at the Time of Award

D = Departmental responsibilities

O = ORS responsibilities

  • D - An updated statement of work
  • D - A budget with justification that matches award
  • D - A signed commitment from authorized official of the subrecipient institution if there are significant changes to the scope of work or budget.
  • O - Sponsor specific documentation such as UEI / DUNS #, FWA, FCOI clearance, etc.
  • O - Wire Information (Foreign Sites Only)
  • O - Confirm that IRB and IACUC approvals are complete
  • ORS/OPAA - Risk assessment; restricted party screening
  • D or PI - Communicate to subs what particulars are needed so that the process will not be delayed.