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Sample Consent Forms

These sample informed consent scripts and forms illustrate how to present the elements of consent in a conversational but concise manner. 

Oral consent script:

Mahmood El-Gasim
"Malnutrition in Urban Khartoum, Sudan"
This study also used a personal recruitment script to find out if people were interested in learning more about the study.

Informed consent form:

Christopher DeSant
"Perceptions and Partisanship"

Informed consent form:

Chiara McPhee
"Comparison of U.S. Print, Radio, and Broadcast Media Coverage of Humanitarian Crises Involving Ethnic Repression"
This study used an email message to find out if people were interested in participating in the study.

Informed consent form for an ethnographic study in a community where the researcher is already known to the potential participants:

Julie Chamberlin
"Racial Reconciliation in New Monastic Communities"

Oral script and information sheet for a focus group:

James Zhou and Yvonne Yamanaka
"Religion and HIV Medication Adherence in Tanzania"


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