Reduction of PI Effort


  • When the PI recognizes that he/she will need to reduce their effort on a project, the PI will need to let the Grant Manager know their intent.
  • The PI should review the award terms to determine if sponsor prior approval is needed. If the terms of the award are unclear, then the PI or the Grant Manager should contact ORS for further instruction.


  • If prior approval is not required, the Grant Manager will contact the departmental HR/Payroll representative to update PI iForms.


  • If prior approval is required, then the PI will write a brief letter to the sponsor requesting the reduction in effort including a scientific rationale for the reduction. Both the PI and ORS will sign the letter. ORS will confirm who will submit the letter to the sponsor. Effort cannot be reduced without confirmation from the sponsor.


  • When ORS receives the confirmation, a copy will be sent to OSP.