PI Leaving Duke

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Award Relinquishing Checklist

Faculty Transferring Awards to a New Institution
Depending upon the type of award, the sponsor's policies, the relationship of the project to Duke, and the expectations of the PI's new institution, there are several options for the disposition of active awards when the PI leaves the University.

1.  Award Remains at Duke - Awards may remain at Duke in their entirety when the project is tied closely to the University. For example:

  • The purpose of the award is to develop a new course designed to fill a niche in Duke's offerings.
  • The grant is for equipment.
  • The primary purpose of the grant is to fund students. For example, a training grant may have a group of students at Duke in various stages of training.

2.  Awards Transfer Entirely - In some circumstances the award may be transferred entirely to the PI's new employer. This is the most likely outcome when the project is identified exclusively with the PI and does not fund graduate students or other personnel.

3.  Award Remains and Adds Subcontract - The project may remain at Duke, and a portion of the project may be transferred to the PI's new institution through a subcontract.

4.  Award Transfers and Adds Subcontract - Conversely, the award may be moved with its original PI, and a subcontract may be issued to Duke for the work remaining here.

PIs should discuss the status of their awards and their plans for the future with their sponsors. ORS will discuss the transfer with the sponsor's administrative staff to find out how the sponsor would like to proceed.