Forms, Checklists, and Sample Documents


  1. Checklist for PI Transfer to Duke
  2. Checklist for Proposal Preparation
  3. Checklist for Sponsor Guidelines
  4. Confidential Disclosure Agreement - 1-way
  5. Confidential Disclosure Agreement - 2-way
  6. Effort Conversions from Percentages to Person Months
  7. Employee Salary Request Form
  8. F&A Rate Limit and Waiver
  9. Gift for PI Research
  10. Grant Managers List & listserv - Add/Amend Sheet
  11. NIH Harassment + Discrimination Letter for T Applications
  12. NIH Salary Cap Worksheet
  13. NSF Current and Pending Form (Template)
  14. Request for Rebudget (Subcontract)
  15. Request for Cost Sharing
  16. Sample Budget Justification
  17. Sample PI Status Request
  18. Sample Proposal Coversheet
  19. Sample Questionnaire for SPS Entry
  20. Sample Subrecipient Support Letter
  21. Sample Tuition Remission Budget Justification
  22. Sponsored Research Agreement
  23. Sponsored Research Agreement - Federal Prime and/or Cost-Reimbursable
  24. Subrecipient FCOI Certification (Entity)
  25. Subrecipient FCOI Certification (Independent Contractor)
  26. VIEW ONLY Duke Proposal Approval Form
  27. WBS Element Request for a Miscellaneous Code
  28. WBS Element Request for Preaward Spending
  29. WBS Element Request in Advance of an Award


  1. Award Management Checklist
  2. Award Relinquishing Checklist (PI Leaving Duke)
  3. Closeout Tasklist
  4. Equipment Screening Certification Form $20,000 and Over
  5. Equipment Screening Certification Form $5,000 to $19,999
  6. In-Kind Cost Sharing Report
  7. Independent Contractor Checklist
  8. Matrix of Sponsored Programs
  9. NSF FDP Prior Approval Matrix
  10. Rebudgeting/CAS (ReC) Form - access via Duke @ Work
  11. Research Support Services Agreement (RSSA)
  12. Sample of Award Modification Memo
  13. Sample of New Award in SPS
  14. Shared Usage Agreement
  15. Subrecipient Progress Report
  16. Untimely Cost Transfer Justification: Payroll Retros

Duke Disclosures and Protocols:

  1. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  2. dbGaP Approved User Code of Conduct
  3. IBC Form
  4. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  5. Invention Disclosure Form
  6. Laser Registration Form
  7. Radio Active Materials (RAM) Authorization Application

Who Should I Call?

Use the link above to find links to ORS Assistant Directors, ORS Award Specialists and departmental SPOCs.