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Grant Manager
This person will manage finances, reconcile individual expenses to the award amount, prepare reports and perform other administrative functions related to the grant.

Principal Investigator
Roles and Responsibilities - PI/PD
The Principal Investigator (PI) or Program Director (PD) is ultimately responsible for the direction of the sponsored project. The PI/PD is the primary individual in charge of a research grant, cooperative agreement, training or public service project, contract, or other sponsored project.

Chair’s Office (Department Chair or Designee)
Ensures that a financial administrator is assigned for each sponsored project and ensures PI understands the administrator will be responsible for assisting in the financial and administrative management of his/her sponsored project.

Types of Sponsors

Sponsors are the entities that provide funding through grants, fellowships, awards, cooperative agreements, incoming subcontracts to Duke, etc.



Funding Search Tools

From Artistic Pursuits to Research Grants, ORS has the tools to help you look for funding.

Solicitation Contents

General Summary
This is a quick overview of what the grant program is about, and also gives you a clue about the goals of the funding organization for this program.

Eligibility Information
This section tells you who can apply for funds.

Institutionally Limited Opportunity When a sponsor limits the number of submissions from an institution, it is called "Institutionally Limited."

Funds Available
This section tells you how much money is available for the program and how much is available for each specific grant.

How to Apply
This section should give you specific information about the logistics and steps to apply for a grant. It should tell you if there is an electronic system that you're required to use, or whether applications can be mailed or e-mailed, or submitted in some other format. It may also tell you what budget format is preferred (or required) in your application.

Budget information
This section will tell you what you can spend your money on. For instance, some funders may not pay for travel or food, while others may allow you to purchase virtually anything with the grant funds.

Checklist for Sponsor Guidelines

Types of Proposals

A proposal is a request for financial support of a research or training project. It is sent to a potential funding source in hopes of receiving funding.

Parts of a Proposal

Checklists and Proposal Help

Institutional Policies and Procedures

Preparing and Routing a Proposal