Modifying an Existing Subcontract

If there is a renewal, no-cost extension, or change in the prime,

  • send ORS a Subrecpient Progress Report and attach anything that is going to be changed - budget, scope of work, etc.
  • Be aware that outyear budgets and justifications may be needed.

Questions from the Subrecipient Progress Report

  1. Has the subrecipient (SR) submitted all required technical reports in a timely manner?
  2. Has the SR made satisfactory progress within the original scope of work?
  3. Is the SR's spending rate appropriate for the work accomplished? (See burn rate graphic)
  4. Are changes to the agreement needed?
    • No changes at this time.
    • Change in scope of work (attach new statement of work and authorized signature of SR)
    • Change in budget (attach new budget, budget justification, and authorized signature of SR)
    • Other - Please specify: 
  5. Has the SR disclosed a conflict of interest relating to this project?
    • If yes, attach documentation detailing how the conflict of interest has been managed, reduced, or eliminated.
  6. Should the subcontract agreement be continued?
    • Issue a modification to continue the agreement for the next budget period.
    • Do not continue the agreement.
  7. PI signature certifies that answers are all true and accurate.