Subcontracts - Delays

Why are Subrecipient Award Agreements Delayed?

  • Budget changes / Revised Budgets / Revised Budget Justifications
  • Revised scope of work
  • Budget errors
  • Milestone payments need to be set up
  • Foreign site restrictions
  • IRB has no active FWA (Federal Wide Assurance)
  • Negotiations on terms and conditions
  • IRB or IACUC approval needed

Why are Subrecipient Award Modifications Delayed?

  • Change in budget
  • No out-year budget from original submission
  • No Subrecipient Progress Report
  • No statement of work for current funding period
  • Restricted party screening

What Can a Grant Manager Do to Reduce Delays?

  • Review the budget.

    • Look at the categories. Are there costs that are not allowed?
  • Make sure that the subrecipient's IRB has an active FWA
    • Tanzania Women Research Foundation (TAWREF)
    • Duke University
  • Make sure that the subrecipient has a DUNS number and that it is registered in