RCR for Graduate Students

 Graduate School RCR Orientation & Forum Series

TO: PhD and Master’s Students

FROM: Vice Provost for Research

Because you are working on a project funded by NSF or NIH, you are required to have training on conducting research responsibly. This Federal requirement is satisfied by your completion of the Graduate School's RCR Orientation which you will complete at the beginning of your first semester at Duke and taking the required number of Forums depending on your area of research. The Orientation program covers a wide variety of subjects including:

  1. Misconduct in Research
  2. Human Subjects in Research
  3. Animals in Research
  4. Integrity in Teaching
  5. Collaborative Research
  6. Mentee and Mentor Responsibilities

The Forum Series includes workshops on:

  1. Export Controls
  2. Copyright and Fair Use
  3. Mentoring
  4. Data Management and Data Stewardship
  5. Conflict of Interest

When you have successfully completed the initial six or twelve credits in the RCR Orientation course the Graduate School will notify ORS. We will then enter the date you began your training in your transcript. 

Once you have completed the minimum requirements, we encourage you to broaden your understanding by discussing these topics further with your mentor and colleagues. 

Note - if your research involves human subjects,vertebrate animals or certain types of hazardous substances or equipment, you will be required to complete further ethical and safety training.