RCR for Undergraduates

Conducting research is an amazing opportunity to discover, learn, and observe; and it is also a privilege that comes with great responsibilities to conduct yourself and your research with integrity and honesty. 

All Duke undergraduate students engaged in research are encouraged to complete the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) CITI online course; undergraduate students supported on a federally sponsored research program are required to complete the RCR CITI online course.  Undergraduate students required to complete the RCR education course will be directly notified by ASIST at the beginning of each academic semester. 


The undergraduate student RCR program is administered by the Duke Office of Scientific Integrity – Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services and Training (DOSI-ASIST).  Learn more about the undergraduate student RCR program on the DOSI-ASIST website.

Contact asist@duke.edu with any questions about the undergraduate RCR program or offerings.