Roles and Responsibilities - PI/PD

While the University is ultimately responsible for fiscally compliant management of all sponsored projects, it is the Principal Investigator (PI) or Program Director (PD) who bears primary responsibility for directing both the research and administration of a grant, cooperative agreement, training or public service project, contract, or other sponsored project.

  • The PI/PD is responsible for the completion, accuracy, and timeliness of all technical reports required by the sponsor.
  • The PI/PD is responsible for ensuring that all financial aspects of the project are done in a timely manner so that financial reports can be submitted by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) as required by the sponsor.
  • In consultation with the department chair, the PI/PD ensures sufficient financial administrative oversight to manage the financial and other administrative functions related to the grant.
  • In conjunction with the departmental financial administrator, the PI/PD ensures compliance with all applicable financial and administrative regulations and Duke University policies and procedures.
  • The PI/PD is responsible for validating his or her own effort certification report in accordance with Duke’s General Accounting Procedures and for validating the effort certification for any staff who work under the PI/PD’s supervision.
  • The PI/PD is responsible for ensuring that the programmatic and financial management of subrecipients associated with his/her funded projects conduct assigned research appropriately and in a financially responsible manner.
  • In conjunction with the OSP, the PI/PD approves final payment to subcontractors.