Grants, Contracts, and Compliance

The Office of Research Support (ORS) serves as the preaward research administration office for Duke University Campus Schools and has limited postaward function responsibilities. The Grants, Contracts, and Compliance group of ORS is responsible for all Duke proposals from the Campus Schools, with the following exceptions: construction and endowment proposals, which are handled by the Office of Corporate or Foundation Relations; fellowship proposals, which do not require review or approval by any University office, if the funds are awarded directly to an individual and they do not require any University involvement during the proposal or award processes. Specific administrative functions include:

  • Review and approve proposals to assure that they comply with both sponsor and Duke guidelines; that budgets are accurate and consistent, with clear and concise justifications; and that both direct and indirect costs are appropriately recovered
  • Negotiate and accept grants and contracts on behalf of the University
  • Issue subcontracts
  • Serving as the principal liaison between the University and its sponsors
  • Approve programmatic and budgetary changes to sponsored projects (including the establishment of new fund codes and extending existing codes)
  • Report Financial Conflict of Interests to Federal sponsors
  • Facilitate closeout documentation
  • Coordinate with the Vice President for Research and the Research Policy Committee to develop and implement research policies and procedures


Who should a grant manager call for help at ORS?

ORS Portfolio Assignments (by department)

Single Point of Contact Campus and Medical Departments


Current Rates

The Current Rates page features links to various rates that may be needed in proposal preparation and award management.

Facts for Forms and Applications

Facts for Forms and Applications includes information for use in conjunction with the proposal and award of grants, contracts, subcontracts, etc.

Guidelines for Grants and Contracts

Preaward and postaward manuals.

Forms, Checklists, and Sample Documents

The Forms page includes not only forms, but memos, checklists and procedural information.

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