Postdoctoral Funding

Graduate students and current postdoctoral researchers can use different approaches during their postdoctoral funding searches.

1. Postdoctoral Researcher as Applicant: First and foremost, you should complete a funding search using one of many tools available to you.

ORS provides funding information for Postdoctoral Fellows through searches of relevant funding listed on the Funding Opportunities site.   

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Environmental & Life Sciences
  • International Opportunities
  • Medical - All Types
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Physical Sciences & Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Duke Internal Funding

Go to:

  1. Select your discipline.
  2. Select "Post Doctoral Fellows."
  3. Scroll down and select "Search."

Pivot is also available for detailed customized search queries and email alerts.  Tutorials for getting started can be found here.

When you set up the terms of your funding search or alert, remember to choose at least two terms to describe what you wish to fund. By describing yourself under "Requirements" as a "PhD or MD or Other Professional" and by "Funding Type" selecting "postdoctoral award" and "visiting personnel" you will locate grants and fellowship funding geared to bring a postdoctoral or postgraduate staff member to a particular campus. It may also be helpful to additionally select "Research" and "Training or Scholarship or Fellowship" to locate the range of awards that you may use towards postgraduate research.

2. Host Institution as Applicant: Secondly, be aware of those grants available to universities or research centers to host a postdoctoral researcher. If you are communicating with the potential host organization of your postdoctoral work, it may be very useful to you to know what awards are available to them to fund you and your research. To search for these types of funds, we also recommend setting up another, separate personalized funding alert from #1. Use the subscription funding databases available to Duke researchers. Under "Requirements" choose "Academic Institution or Government or Nonprofit" and under "Funding Type" select "postdoctoral award" and "visiting personnel."

3. Applying for an F32