PI Coming to Duke

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PI Coming to Duke

New Faculty Transferring Awards to Duke
To transfer awards received at another institution to Duke, a new faculty member must prepare a new proposal for each sponsored project. These proposals usually consist of:

  • A revised budget showing Duke salaries, FB, and F&A costs.
  • A budget justification.
  • A project description that usually consists of a progress report and a description of the work that remains to be done on the project at Duke.

The transfer can take several forms:

  1. New award to Duke - When an award is to be transferred in its entirety to Duke, the PI's previous employer must formally relinquish the award and state the unobligated balance, and a new, Duke, proposal must be submitted to the sponsor. The sponsor then awards the grant to Duke.
  2. Subcontract to Duke - When only a portion of the work is to be transferred, a new PI is named at the former institution (with the concurrence of the sponsor) and a proposal is submitted to the PI's former institution which will then issue a subcontract to Duke.
  3. New award to Duke with a subcontract back - When the majority of the work will take place at Duke but some remains at the old institution, a PI at the old institution submits a proposal to Duke which is then incorporated into the proposal Duke submits to the sponsor. When the award arrives at Duke, a subcontract is written to the old institution.

F&A Rate Issues

Transfers can be costly to the project both technically and monetarily. Sponsors tend not to grant more funding to meet any changes in F&A rates. ORS tries to minimize the negative impact from a budgetary perspective in a couple of ways.

If the project is being transferred to Duke and Duke's F&A rate is significantly higher than that of the PI's previous employer, Duke will honor the lowered rate for the remainder of the project period. When a competing renewal is submitted, Duke expects the budget to shift to the negotiated rate.

If the project is remaining at Duke and a new subcontract is being added to the budget for the new institution, Duke will consider waiving the F&A on the first $25,000.