Upcoming Continuing Education Opportunities

January 22, 2021
Office of Education for Research Administration & Finance








We are excited to announce several upcoming continuing education opportunities for Duke research administrators. All of the opportunities outlined below are Duke specific compliance, systems, or business process training as outlined in the table found here.

Duke Research Week 2021

CE: Up to 3 hours available

We will be offering continuing education credit for two sessions occurring as part of Duke Research Week 2021. 

  • myRESEARCHsuite: Your Connection to All Things Research at Duke (1.5 CE hours) 

    • Tuesday, January 26 – 8:30 am – 10:00 am
  • Research Town Hall: Fundamentals of the Scientific Process: From Formulating the Research Question to Study Design and Data Collection  (1.5 CE hours)
    • Wednesday, January 27 – 11:00 – 12:30 pm
    • Attend either of the panel discussions

To receive CE, register here and attend the session. OERAF will be partnering with event hosts and will load CE for those attending the entire session. You must attend the entire session to receive CE.

Cost Accounting Standards

CE: 2 hours

This course provides an in-depth look at managing Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) on sponsored projects. It will focus on developing an understanding of how these requirements apply to everyday research administration and some specific tools and processes available at Duke University that assist in managing those requirements.

Select this link to see available offerings and to register.

A Grant Manager’s Guide to
Purchase Orders and Invoices at Duke

CE: 4 hours

Designed to assist Grant Managers in successfully managing expenses related to purchasing goods and services using purchase orders. A Grant Manager’s Guide to Purchase Orders and Invoices is a two-part series providing a detailed look at all aspects of purchase orders and invoices. 

Session 1 – Focuses on an in-depth understanding of Duke’s operational processes supporting purchase orders and invoice processing. Select this link to see available offerings and to register.  

Session 2 – Focuses on the tools and reports available to manage purchase orders and invoices with particular focus given to identifying and managing invoices blocked for payment. Select this link to see available offerings and to register.


Projections & Reporting Tool for
Grant Managers and Business Managers

CE: 2.5 hours

This course offers instruction on using the Projection and Reporting Tool, and includes discussion about the business processes driving the tool and how the tool may be used in support of Faculty serving as the Principal Investigators for sponsored research and/or who may have unrestricted funds. The emphasis of this class is placed on the process of providing projections for research-related cost objects/funds based on your Faculty's preferences.  

Select this link to see available offerings and to register.


Please note that except for Duke Research Week, all other classes will continue to be offered in the future. Additional offerings will be available in the coming months if sessions are full. Please stay tuned for more continuing education opportunities announced in the coming weeks.