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NIH Application Review Changes Effective July 1

June 28, 2018

To:                          Grant administrators, business managers, research administration leaders

From:                     Keith Hurka-Owen, Director, Office of Research Support

                              John Michnowicz, Associate Dean and Executive Director, Office of Research Administration

Subject:                 NIH Application Review Changes Effective July 1

As a reminder, NIH does not allow the use of “placeholders” in submitted applications (see NIH Notice Number NOT-OD-17-105 (link is external)). NIH views the use of placeholders as an attempt to circumvent application requirements, even if submitted in error.  Duke also does not permit placeholders in any electronic grant application systems, nor are placeholders required for internal (Duke) routing or review.

A placeholder is defined as a document uploaded to SPS or Grants.Duke temporarily with the intent to replace with another document at a later time.  Uploading temporary placeholder documents is strongly discouraged.

All NIH applications will be reviewed for placeholders beginning July 1.  Applications found to be submitted to NIH with placeholders will be withdrawn.  The University is taking this step to protect the integrity of its grant submissions, as the NIH review will reject applications which do not conform to their stated procedures.  The central preaward offices are available to assist you in this process.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this very important endeavor.  We welcome your questions and comments at (link sends e-mail).