New Intent To Submit & Proposal Tracking Tools in myRESEARCHhome

May 31, 2022

New Intent To Submit & Proposal Tracking Tools in myRESEARCHhome

 Access these new features in the myPortfolio widget using the I2S and Proposals V2 tabs.

  • Use the Intent To Submit form to automatically generate a new SPS record. From the I2S tab, select an I2S record to view the details page. Once on the I2S details page, select the 'Create SPS Proposal' button to generate a new SPS record. The SPS record will be pre-populated with applicable info from the I2S form. Remember to check the information in SPS and make updates as needed to fields such as 'sponsor' and 'proposal owning org'.
  • Archive Intent To Submit forms that won't be linked in SPS to hide them from view. From the I2S details page, select the 'Archive I2S' button to archive the I2S form. It will no longer be visible in MRH and will help you keep only the actionable I2S forms in your I2S list. Only use this feature if you won't be creating an SPS record for this I2S submission.
  • Sort and filter in-progress proposals. In the Proposals V2 tab, in addition to the custom BFR reports, you can now sort by any column and filter by PAL and proposal type. 

Step-by-step instructions and other helpful resources can be found on myRESEARCHpath.