More guidance on Intent to Submit (I2S)

April 4, 2022
  • Requirement deadline. As a reminder, as of April 1, 2022, the I2S process is required for all new and competing externally-funded research activities. I2S records should be completed no later than 15 business days prior to the planned submission date. Therefore, any applications being submitted to a funder on or after 4/22 require an I2S record.
  • Intent To Submit form updates. Project period, budget period, and activity type questions have been added to the form. An expanded set of resources is now available on the details page to assist investigators with proposal development.
  • Link an Intent To Submit form to an SPS proposal. 

    • Go to the applicable proposal record in SPS. View the main page of the main notebook. 
    • Select the "+ Add Intent To Submit Form" link in the new Intent to Submit Form section. Intent to Submit forms for the proposal's PI will display. 
    • Select the Intent To Submit form you want to link with the SPS record. The record is now linked.
    • NOTE: In myRESEARCHhome, Intent To Submit forms that have been linked to SPS proposals will no longer display on the I2S tab in myPortfolio. They will now be visible when viewing the linked SPS record in the Proposals V2 tab in myPortfolio. You can select the I2S link for a proposal to view the Intent to Submit details page.
  • Assign a Grant Manager to work on an Intent To Submit form. 

    • Go to the details page for a specific I2S form in MRH. View the new Research Admin Tools section.
    • Search for the research administrator in your unit you would like to assign to the I2S form.
    • Select a name from the search results to assign the I2S GM. When you see the "Grant Manager Saved" message you are done.
    • The assigned I2S GM will be visible on the I2S tab when looking through the list of I2S forms.
  • More Intent To Submit tools for research administrators coming soon

    • Create an SPS record automatically from an Intent To Submit form.
    • Quickly see only the I2S forms assigned to you.
    • Reporting to see which SPS records have an associated Intent To Submit form and when the Intent To Submit form was completed.
  • Go to the Intent To Submit QRG page in myRESEARCHpath to view additional instructions and learn more about the Intent To Submit process.