Health and Well-Being Resources for Duke Employees

May 22, 2020

During these challenging times Duke Health and Well-Being has been busy supporting the Duke community by creating self-care opportunities for mindfulness and well-being. The following new resources are free to Duke employees:


Drive Through Ear Seeds – Free! (NetID login required for link)

Provided by licensed acupuncturists at Duke Integrative Medicine

  • What the heck are ear seeds?? Ears seeds are used as very small acupressure devices, taped into place at useful locations in our ears. They stay in for 3 - 5 days.
  • Wait. What?? This is about your comfort, relaxation and awesomeness. The 5-point pattern of these ear (or auricular) acu-points is applied to support your "calm and carrying on" mode. The 5-point pattern is known as the NADA protocol and is utilized in a variety of settings to ease stress or pain.
  • I’m interested. Where do I go? Times are through May (for now), Tuesdays through Saturdays, 7 to 10 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Drive up to the Duke Integrative Medicine which is the first building on the right in the Center for Living campus at 3475 Erwin Road.​ The acupuncturist will meet you under the canopy.
  • Reminder: Bring your Duke ID badge and a mask to the drive through.


Virtual 30-Minute Mindfulness Meditation Breaks

  • So, what’s this about? Take 30 minutes to participate in breathing exercises, visualizations, and gratitude for family and friends. It’s a nice break from the day and provides time to re-center and take time for Y-O-U.
  • Who is leading this? Sessions are facilitated by Jeff Brantley, a pioneer and leader in the mindful based stress reduction field.
  • When can I join? Tuesdays and Fridays through May (for now) @ 2pm.
  • How do I join? Meet us at 2pm by clicking this Zoom link


Stay Well,

The ORS Team