About Us

The Office of Research Support, under the guidance of the Vice President for Research, oversees several administrative areas for research:

  • The Grants, Contracts, & Compliance group
  • The Funding Opportunities group

Organizational Chart

ORS Contact Information
  • ORS Main Phone Number: 919.684.3030
  • ORS Fax Number: 919.684.2418
  • ORS Campus Mail Box Number: Box 104010 Duke University
ORS Contacts

Executive Director
Keith Hurka-Owen
Phone: 919.681.8687
E-mail: keith.hurka.owen@duke.edu
Associate Director
Susan Lasley
Phone: 919.681.8684
E-mail: susan.lasley@duke.edu
Associate Director - International
Broderick Grady
Phone: 919.668.1777
E-mail: broderick.grady@duke.edu

Assistant Director
Jennifer Bolognesi
Phone: 919.681.4932
E-mail: jennifer.bolognesi@duke.edu 

Assistant Director
Teresa Chicarelli
Phone: 919.681.8689
E-mail: teresa.chicarelli@duke.edu

Assistant Director
Lauren Faber
Phone: 919.684.5693
E-mail: lauren.faber@duke.edu

Assistant Director
Shonta Holloway
Phone: 919.681.8688
E-mail: shonta.holloway@duke.edu
Assistant Director - International
Adam King
Phone: 919.681.5589
E-mail: adam.j.king@duke.edu

Assistant Director
Brian Lowinger
Phone: 919.681.8540
E-mail: brian.lowinger@duke.edu
Assistant Director
Ken Macdonald
Phone: 919.681.5988
E-mail: kwmac@duke.edu

Assistant Director
Charlene Wang
Phone: 919.613.0452
E-mail: charlene.wang@duke.edu
ORS Specialists
Rodney Coffin
Phone: 919.681.8685
E-mail: rodney.coffin@duke.edu

Jermey Moore
Phone: 919.681.8693
E-mail: jermey.moore@duke.edu

Mary Robyn Tudor
Phone: 919.681.2461
E-mail: tudor@duke.edu

Research Administration Specialist

Brenna Hannapel
Phone: 919.681.8967
E-mail: brenna.hannapel@duke.edu

Funding Opportunities Specialists
Alicia Korenman
Phone: 919.684.8793
E-mail: alicia.korenman@duke.edu

Amy Wolff
Phone: 919.681.5132
Email: amy.wolff@duke.edu


Who should I call?

Who should I call if I have a question about a submission or a current award?